How I Found Out I was Having Twins

I have 11 month old twin sons and one question I often is how did I find out I was having twins and what was my reaction. So I figured I could answer these questions here.

I found out I was having twins in my first trimester. I had severe morning sickness my whole first trimester and at one point I couldn’t keep water down. I knew I was pregnant but I hadn’t had my first ultrasound at that time. Since I was so sick I was worried that I was dehydrated and decided to go to the emergency room to try to get some help. At the same time I was also having some pain in my abdomen, so since I was having pain and hadn’t had an ultrasound they decided to do one in the hospital. I was around 8 weeks at the time and so nervous.

After I was hooked up to a saline drip and was given some medicine to help with my morning sickness I was taken into a room to do the ultrasound. My SO (significant other) could not go into the room with me and I was not able to look at the screen. I was so worried that something was wrong. The technician wasn’t giving me any hints as to if everything was fine or not. I was on the bed for what seemed like a long time as the technician took measurements, a good sign right? After she was done she said I could get up and go back to my room, which was a few doors down, and the doctor would come in with my results. I got up, thanked her, and started to leave. Something made me pause for a moment, I saw a glimpse of the screen. There were two sacs, each with a tiny baby in them. They looked like little gummy bears with the start of formation of arms and legs. It felt like I was in that moment forever, fixated on the screen. Time stood still.

In reality it was only a brief moment as I was on my way out of the room. My mind was racing the whole time as I made my way back to my bed and my SO. What did it mean? Am I having twins? Was it only one baby but the screen was duplicated so I mistakenly thought it was two? I went back in the room and told my SO everything that had happened. He originally didn’t believe me or thought I was joking. It didn’t take long until the doctor came in with the report and some big news. She sat down and said everything looked perfectly fine and that both babies had strong heart beats. We were in shock. What do you mean both heart beats? Two??

It took awhile for the shock to go away but now that my twins are here and I feel incredibly blessed to have two. That is my personal experience having twins. Thank you for taking the time to read it!


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My name is Brita Frazier and I'm the mother of twin boys. I enjoy art, books, writing, and DIY projects.

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